Southern Cross Care Qld welcomes interim report from the Aged Care Royal Commission

06 November 2019 | Industry

Last week the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released its interim report which described the nation’s aged care system to be a “shocking tale of neglect”.

What the Commissioners have said in this report is that the aged care system needs a fundamental overhaul to make it deliver the services and quality care that older Australians and their families need, and that people who work aged care want to provide.

Southern Cross Care Qld is pleased that the report highlights ways in which the system can be improved, and we will continue to advocate for improvements that will contribute positively to the health and wellbeing of our residents.

We would like to reassure our residents and their families that we remain committed to our mission: to value and respect human life and the dignity of the individual. Each day we celebrate the unique story of each resident, whose wellbeing is the very centre of everything we do. We have zero tolerance for inattentive care or neglect of any kind. The instances of poor care and neglect we have seen through the Royal Commission and in its interim report are not acceptable.

We have a highly committed and qualified workforce who demonstrate love, care and compassion to our residents every single day. Their contribution to our resident’s wellbeing through valuing each individual resident is greatly appreciated and of such importance to their loved ones.

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