Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

To Value and Respect Human Life.

Our Mission

Inspired by Christian values we support people in their choice of health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Our Values


We give an assurance that you will be able to rely on the honesty of those within the organisation and have confidence that the services provided by the individuals and the organisation as a whole will be delivered in a way that reflects agreed outcomes.


We will uphold the worth and dignity of all people regardless of their beliefs or their circumstances.


We will be truthful with all of our dealings with you and each other.


We will be uncompromising and predictably consistent in our commitment to honour our moral, ethical and spirtual values and principles.


We will be sensitive to and understanding of those in distress and endeavour to relieve their suffering.


We will recognise, understand and care how others are feeling, irrespective of our own ideas and experiences.


We will acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions, and our decisions.


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