What is Known & Loved?

At SCCQ we are driven by our compassionate service of others and our hope that all the people we care for feel truly valued.

That’s why we have created Known & Loved, an exclusive staff development program just for us, to provide our people with the inspiration, knowledge and practical tools needed to build stronger connections with those we serve.

To know someone is to see who they truly are, with a rich life story and a unique set of hopes and aspirations. We are committed to honouring each person’s journey – be they colleague or customer – and work with them as they choose how to live the best life they can.

Known & Loved helps us strive to be better, trusted and collaborative partners with our colleagues, residents, clients, families and friends in line with our values of service, courage and compassion. Are you ready to live Known & Loved?

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The Known & Loved full-day immersion program

As part of the Known & Loved program, all employees have the opportunity to take part in a full day Known & Loved immersion program. The day-long program is unlike any other professional learning or training that you’ve probably done before. The session is interactive, reflective, very engaging and touches on both personal and professional aspects of your life. Unlike most professional learning that focuses on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of our work, this program focuses on the ‘who’ and the ‘why’? It’s an invitation to reflect on how YOU show up in the work that you do; the choices we make about the way we go about our daily roles; how the simplest things help or harm the creation of a culture where every person matters.

Watch the video below to hear what your colleagues are saying about their Known & Loved session…

How to register for an upcoming Known & Loved session

Click on the button below to register your interest to attend a Known & Loved full day session and then come back to complete the pre-session activities included below.

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Before attending a Known & Loved session

Before attending a Known & Loved full day session, we encourage you to participate in a couple of simple activities that will be helpful activities to complete prior to the full-day session.

Personal Values Assessment

  • We ask that you complete a personal values assessment prior to the full day session. Please click here and follow the link to ‘TAKE YOUR FREE ASSESSMENT’. Your results will be sent to your choice of email address. Please print this report out and bring with you on the day, or bring it along in digital form if you don’t have access to a printer.

Character Test

  • We ask that you complete a 15 minute character test and discover your strengths at Click the link to ‘TAKE THE FREE SURVEY’. You will need to register using your choice of email. Again, please print out the report and bring it along with you, or bring it along in digital form if you don’t have access to a printer.

Known & Loved FAQs

Click here to download the PDF