Thanks for caring Carlee!

6 August 2021

With Aged Care Employee Day set to mark the incredible contribution of those who support people through their ageing journey, aged cared volunteers like Carlee take service to a whole new level!

Carlee is one of more than 100 volunteers who tirelessly devote their energy, heart and attention to creating loving and supportive communities at each of the residential care homes that make up the Southern Cross Care Queensland family.

Based at St Mary’s – Southern Cross Care Raceview – Carlee works alongside the home’s professional team including Diversional Therapist, Anastasia Booth, taking part with residents in group lifestyle activities, ranging from craft, music, exercise through to special events, like remembering our fallen (see image).

Our incredible volunteers provide invaluable support in a way that nurtures the lifestyle choices and social needs of our residents, often bringing skills of their own that enhance our services and enrich the lives of the elderly people living in our communities,” Anastasia said.

I love to spend time with the elderly, learning from their stories of a bygone era,” Carlee said.

The best thing is slowly getting to know the residents over time and making new friends.

Carlee points out that volunteering in an aged care setting is not without its challenges.

It can be hard when someone passes away and you need to be aware of the needs of some of the residents living with dementia and know how to handle that.  They need and deserve our attention too,” Carlee said.

SCCQ Volunteer Coordinator Sonia Kovacs said volunteers are given a comprehensive induction to understand the nuances of the role and how to provide the best possible care and support.

We make sure our volunteers understand the particular needs of older people including people with dementia, and are equipped for this,” Sonia explained

For example, many people living with dementia can struggle with the concept of time. So we teach our volunteers, even if you get no response from the person it is important not to speak as though they weren’t there, as this can make them feel frustrated, devalued and ignored,” she said. “We also offer further learning opportunities for volunteers via our Go1 Learning system. Volunteers can choose from hundreds of learning modules to support their knowledge and skills for their volunteer role.

We are so grateful for our amazing volunteers. They help us fulfil a wide range of activities that ensure the people who put their trust in us can live their best lives, ranging from social interaction and companionship, leisure and lifestyle activities, reading and writing, driving, gardening, computer lessons – you name it, anything that goes into living a full and happy life.

To find out more about volunteering opportunities with SCCQ please contact us.

To say thanks to volunteers like Carlee for their generous service, post your message on the SCCQ Facebook page or your preferred social channels using the hashtags – #ThanksForCaring #EveryPersonMatters #SCCQ