I wanted to take the time to sincerely thank you for caring for my dear Granny whilst she was with you and for the support you gave my mother. Over the last four years, she spoke so highly of you all and I know my mum is also eternally grateful for the care and compassion you’ve shown my Granny and our family. Every time I was up visiting from Melbourne, you would enquire after my sister and nephew, come in and ask mum if she wanted anything and of course, came in and checked on my Granny. Even I came to know you by name and my Sister, Mum & Granny shared stories of gratitude re your support and service. - Karissa, Duhig Village Residential Care
I was discharged from hospital after a nasty fall and really didn’t know how I would cope convalescing at home alone. The hospital put me in touch with Southern Cross Care Direct, and I really had nothing to worry about. A carer visits me daily, helps me with my shower and preparing meals and keeping the house in order. They really are a marvellous team of people. - Fred, Southern Cross Care Direct Brisbane
I like being in my own home, I have good supportive neighbours, a good GP and I’m in walking distance to a good bus service & local shops. The assistance provided by Southern Cross Care Direct means I can stay here longer. - Maria, Southern Cross Care Direct Gold Coast
We want you to know how much we appreciate the way your staff acted at all times and also the very high standard of nursing care given. The dedication of all staff associated with the care of our father is a great testament to their unwavering love and care of the patients and service to the families. The sensitivity and support of your staff helped us through what was a very difficult time, and we will never forget their kindness. Please express our appreciation to everyone who cared for our father, Colin Bell. Your staff are simply the best! - Lisa, Vicki, Matthew Bell & Tod, Family of Colin , Duhig Village Residential Care
It is a lot better here. I feel welcome by everyone and my unit is just delightful. The surroundings are a delight and I look out onto the most lovely gardens and bushland. I am never far from the local facilities but still feel I can get away for a bit of peace and quiet whenever I need it. - Barbara, Stretton Gardens Retirement Estate
It is quite a decision to down size to a retirement village from a four bedroom home, but it enabled us to capitalise on our home and continue our travels whilst having our home looked after. I think it is a harder decision for the ladies to give up their home but in the end they love the community. It is so much better to make the move when you’re 65. - John, Noosa Waters Retirement Estate
It is actually a lot more peaceful in our unit, and the move has allowed us to live closer to our daughters. We feel part of a community and less isolated than we were in our big home in Camp Hill. - Roland & Doreen, Stretton Gardens Retirement Estate
The social atmosphere here at Karinya is great. It’s supportive, friendly and jovial. This is a social residential facility not just aged care. - Peter, Karinya Residential Care
My wife, Anne and I moved to Noosa Waters from Holland to be closer to our family. We love the community aspect of the village, being able to meet others like minded retirees. Although 70% of the residents have lived in Noosa itself, we have been welcomed into the community and feel that is is our home. We love it here! - Jim & Anne, Noosa Waters Retirement Estate
We moved here from NSW and love the lifestyle and the weather. It is a very secure environment and we feel comfortable when we are off on our travels, leaving our home in very capable hands. - Peter & Polly, Noosa Waters Retirement Estate
After having a stroke my wife thought it was time for me to have help and Southern Cross Care suited us very well. The excellent staff at Nanango made the transition smooth and it certainly is my home away from home. - Norman, Karinya Residential Care
Once I made the decision that this was the place I want to live the transition was effective and positive and I felt like I was well cared for. I enjoy the environment and the facilities are good. I am supported and well cared for by the wonderful staff that have helped me be confident that everything is going well. I can go anywhere in the home where everyone is welcoming and there is a good social environment. I recommend to anyone that is looking to make a supportive move to do it and take the opportunity. - Nora, Karinya Residential Care
After losing my primary care, mum, I needed care and came into Edens Landing. Since coming to Edens Landing I have made friends who, along with the staff, helped me through my grief. The staff made me feel at home immediately, love to have a laugh and joke and I like everything about making me home here with Southern Cross Care it’s a lovely place to be. - Jeffrey, Edens Landing Residential Care
Archbishop Duhig Nursing Home is an absolutely beautiful facility, as I found out during some volunteer time here that I undertook as part of my university course in Occupational Therapy. All residents that I talked to were happy with the care and love shown to them by the many friendly staff. The feeling and mood during the activities was so happy and warm. The residents absolutely love and appreciate the time and efforts set aside for them. I cannot think of one bad thing to say about the service or staff at this facility. I have nothing but respect for them. - Grace, Occupational Therapy Student, Duhig Village Residential Care
I just wanted to thank you sincerely for all the care you gave to Honor whilst she was at Southern Cross. You certainly set a wonderful example for your staff by the interest and care you take of your residents. They all reflect the wonderful care that Southern Cross provides. I saw with my own eyes the love and care that is carried on all the time. I always wondered if, when a family visits, there is ‘special’ care taken of your family member, I certainly now know for sure that the beautiful staff who work at Southern Cross are a very special and loving brand of people. - Judy and Family, Family of Honor, Caloundra Rise Residential Care
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