WELL and Truly Learning

27 September 2016 | News

Southern Cross Care (Qld) applied for WELL (Workplace English Language and Literacy) program funding in 2013 with the intention of providing opportunities for staff to gain confidence in all areas of their work life. The funding was granted in 2014 and TAFE Queensland has been working with Southern Cross Care since to provide a wide range of learning opportunities for staff.

The project was named SCOPE: Southern Cross Opportunities for Positive Engagement & Education. The main aim of this program is to help staff to improve their communication skills to enable them in performing their work.

The types of assistance that have been offered, but not limited to include:

  • writing for work, including writing progress notes
  • dealing with conflict at work
  • team building
  • communicating with staff and residents from different cultural backgrounds, and
  • computer literacy.

The good news from this program is that there has been a lot of good news and outcomes that benefit the staff, their peers, the clients and the organisation as a whole.

The SCOPE program has been ideal for the staff who need to speak and write English, when it is their second language. There have been one-on-one training sessions with a tutor for staff who felt that they could benefit, with amazing results. Feedback on one staff member’s confidence and English is that both have grown immensely. She has been able to broaden her skills and her ability to communicate with the clients has helped her to develop a happier workplace for herself and to better interact with the clients that she cares for.

The feedback from one of the Southern Cross Care sites has been a huge improvement in teamwork. The staff undertook team building workshops that focused on the SCCQ Mission Statement and Values. This combined method provided opportunities to workshop examples of team work approaches that support the SCCQ values in real world work situations and helped staff to realise what they do and how they do it achieves the SCCQ mission.

There have been staff overcoming computer ‘phobias’ with a little education on computers and others have benefited from writing for business communication training. The program will continue into 2016 as SCCQ will continue to support its staff to achieve their best in their daily work.

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