Our holistic approach

The sacredness of human life informs our care and approach to people who are sick and vulnerable. It’s the reason we set to work each day, we have a shared purpose that drives our actions and decisions. We take a holistic approach to care that is considerate to a person’s physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Valuing and respecting human life and the dignity of every person is at the heart of everything we do – it always will be.

Our commitment is to provide quality care and service to every person in our care, no matter what their beliefs, decisions or views are.

Our care for people who are sick, frail, aged or disabled is founded on love and respect for the inherent dignity of every person.

Our tradition of care places a special emphasis on service to those who have a life-limiting illness and nearing the end of their life.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral and Spiritual care is a ministry of presence. We support individuals and their loved ones on their journey.

Our pastoral and spiritual support is part of our holistic care commitment and members of our Pastoral Care Team offer impartial and confidential comfort and companionship. Pastoral and Spiritual care services are available to everyone who entrusts us with their care, their loved ones and each member of our staff.

We offer a safe listening ear.

We offer support at times of anxiety, stress or loneliness.

We respect and honour the views of each person.

Our position on Voluntary Assisted Dying

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2021 was passed in Queensland in September 2021 and will be available to eligible Queenslanders from 1 January 2023. At Southern Cross Care Queensland, we believe that palliative care and end-of-life care are the best options to allow freedom of choice, comfort, dignity and respect as a person nears the end of life. Voluntary Assisted Dying is not part of our approach to end-of-life care and will not be offered by us at any of our homes or facilities. While we will not engage in any activity where the primary purpose or intention is to cause the death of a person, we are committed to providing quality care and service with compassion and dignity to every person in our care.

We understand people may have deeply personal views about Voluntary Assisted Dying, and that they will have different views, beliefs and ways in which they practice and reflect on life, death, religion and spirituality. People may wish to talk with their doctor, religious minister or spiritual adviser and family and loved ones. Our residents, clients and staff can also talk with the residential, retirement living or home care manager, or a member of our Pastoral Care Team. They will listen, uphold a person’s privacy and confidentiality and have conversations without judgement or prejudice, respecting the right for people to have different views.

Our ethic of care

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