Brisbane South

20-24 Loane Drive,
Edens Landing Q 4207

PH: 1300 306 442

Gold Coast

Shop 13a Ashmore Plaza,
146 Cotlew Street,
Ashmore Q 4214

PH: 1300 306 442
F: 07 5580 8533

West Moreton

129 Wildey Street,
Raceview Q 4305

PH: 1300 306 442
F: 07 3281 1526

Sunshine Coast

57 Village Way,
Little Mountain Q 4551

PH: 1300 306 442


35 George Street,
Jandowae Q 4410

PH: 1300 306 442


32 Bilton Street,
Tara Q 4421

PH: 1300 306 442


33 Osler Street,
Meandarra Q 4422

PH: 1300 306 442


6 Wallen Street,
Miles Q 4415

PH: 1300 306 442

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    Whistleblower Policy

    Southern Cross Care Queensland (SCCQ) values a culture of ethical behaviour, corporate compliance and good corporate governance. SCCQ also values transparency and accountability in its management practices and supports the making of disclosures that reveal misconduct, improper state of affairs, fraudulent activity or mismanagement of resources.

    SCCQ will take all reasonable steps and do all things necessary to protect persons who make disclosures from any reprisal action when they raise matters that are of legitimate concern to them, including in relation to a potential breach of any legal or regulatory requirement or policy. SCCQ will deal fairly with employee(s) who are the subject of the disclosure.

    SCCQ’s Whistleblower Policy