Knitting for charity

12 October 2016 | News

Commencing back in 2004, Noosa Waters Retirement Estate residents began the ‘Knit for Charity’ crew with 20 enthusiastic knitters. Since then many of the original group have passed away, leaving only two of the original
members remaining. However, as new ladies have taken up residence the places left by the missing ones have been filled with just as much zeal. Over the period of eleven years, the group have knitted and had distributed more than 2000 babies and children’s garments to victims of flood and bushfires in Australia, as well as to third world countries to leprosariums, orphanages and babies with AIDS in South Africa. The group feels this is the least they can do while living in our lucky country, to relieve the stress of less fortunate families. The last consignment of knitwear left Noosa in May to be distributed to the unfortunate victims of the volcanic eruptions in Nepal. The ‘icing on the cake’ for the ladies, is when they have been shown photos of babies and young children actually wearing our very distinguishable knitted garments.

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