Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) COVID-19 Updates

30 April 2023

COVID-19 Update: Face mask protocols at our aged care homes

As we continue to move into COVID-19 being part of our way of life, we have started to revise our COVID-19 protocols for our aged care homes with a view to decreasing some requirements. This will occur via a staged and monitored approach. The safety and protection of our residents, visitors and staff remain our first priority.

In early March, we de-escalated our mask wearing protocols for our back-of-house staff. We are now in a position where we can now expand this to include All Staff and Visitors across our aged care homes.

There is no requirement to wear a face mask by Staff or Visitors at our aged care homes, unless an exposure or outbreak occurs, in which case we will activate our COVID-19 management plans and protocols and advise you accordingly.

This means that when there is no exposure or outbreak at the home, you DO NOT need to wear a face mask when you are in contact with residents, in residents’ wings, dining areas or attending rooms and common areas where residents are located. This applies to staff who provide care and support directly to residents as well as non-contact staff, such as back-of-house hospitality, laundry, catering and maintenance staff.

If an exposure or outbreak occurs at any of our homes, we will activate our COVID management plans and protocols at the home using a risk-based assessment approach. This may include the requirement for staff at the home to wear a facemask including other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We will continue to communicate any requirements for each home at that time.

Please note:

  • All staff and visitors must continue to undertake a Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) prior to entry to service, with the option to test from home. If you display symptoms, stay home and undertake a RAT.
  • The 7-day isolation period remains for staff who test positive to COVID-19. We ask visitors to not attend any of our homes until 7-days after testing positive to COVID-19 and when no longer displaying symptoms.
  • All staff and visitors must keep up to date with their vaccinations & boosters.

If you have any concerns or other enquiries concerning our COVID-19 safe approach, please contact us on 1800 899 300 or email