Community care: Celebrating the quiet heroes in our midst

7 April 2020

Taking clients shopping for essential groceries, visiting clients in their own homes for personal care and helping clients get to medical appointments are just some of the tasks our Community Care staff do every single day for older and vulnerable members of the community.

Doing their jobs in the middle of a COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak is even more challenging. Our wonderful Community Support Workers continue to care for their clients in the community despite the risks of the current circumstances and Southern Cross Care Queensland (SCCQ) would like to acknowledge their efforts and thank them for their tireless work helping older and vulnerable Australians.

Our clients are also quiet heroes, enduring isolation and changing circumstances with patience and understanding. Head of Home Care Helen Berry said that Community Care clients had been very supportive of protective measures that have been put in place, including screening questions, disruption to their normal visit schedule and last minutes changes to staff or visit times.

Chief Executive Officer Jason Eldering said that Community Support Workers and their clients should be celebrated for their resilience during extremely difficult circumstances.

“I’d like to say thank you to our Community Support Workers and the entire Home Care team who continue to love, serve and care for clients in their own homes,” said Jason. “And thank you to our Community Care clients who have displayed patience in the midst of a lot of change and have been so supportive of our staff.”

Jason said that continuing to care for older and vulnerable clients during this time was a continued focus for SCCQ. “Every single client is part of the SCCQ family, and we are working together to get through this. The health and wellbeing of our clients and staff remain our absolute priority.”