Connecting our families through CareApp

29 September 2023

Residents at our aged care homes now have a new way to stay better connected with their families and share more special moments, thanks to the rollout of a new user-friendly and free phone App.

SCCQ has partnered with an award winning Australian based firm, CareApp, who are recognised for delivering a communication and engagement app to help keep families connected with their loved ones in aged care.

CareApp is designed to bring together residents, their families, and our care staff by sharing photos, videos, notices, and updates about loved ones with each other.

It allows residents to choose however many family and friends they wish to join and keep in touch with them, regardless of where their loved ones might be located around the world.

The app was first trialled at our St Mary’s Aged Care Home with lots of positive feedback, and has now been rolled out to all of our 13 homes, with staff, residents and families making good use of the technology so far. St Mary’s Lifestyle Officer, Anastasia Booth, has seen the real-life benefits of the app first-hand.

“It’s wonderful to see that if families can’t come to the home to visit whatever the reason may be, the photos they see through CareApp allows them to see that their family members at our home are still happy, interacting with others and participating in activities and special events”, said Anastasia.

The project has been led by SCCQ’s Chief Customer Officer, Meredith Hall, to help family and loved ones stay more connected.

“As part of our Deep Listening program, we were hearing from families that with life so busy, often they can’t see their loved ones as much as they would like to.

So many special moments happen in our homes every day and this is an easy way for residents to be able to share these with their families and friends.

“Our lifestyle teams and our residents are loving all the comments and photos being shared through the app, and the connection they are getting with families.

We’re finding that the app is also a a great conversation starter when families visit or speak with their loved ones as it helps remind them of what they have been up to,” said Meredith.

St Mary’s resident, Eva Dargusch had photos shared with her on CareApp by her family while on holiday.