New partnership to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

5 July 2022

SCCQ is committed to continually learning from Elders past, present and emerging to understand how we can make our communities better places for all.

SCCQ’s CEO Jason Eldering and key members of the Board, including Chair Francis Price, met with CEO of Goondir Health Services, Floyd Leedie, to explore a new partnership model to improve health and wellbeing outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Goondir Health Services aims to improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to a standard at least equal to that of the broader Australian community, by providing holistic healthcare and medical services that meet best practice standards.

SCCQ’s CEO Jason Eldering is excited about the partnership, given the mutual goals of Goondir.

“Goondir shares SCCQ’s vision and passion for growing communities where best lives are lived,” said Jason.

“Goondir provides excellent health and well-being services across Queensland, including places where SCCQ communities live, providing the perfect partnership opportunity.”

Partnering with Goondir ensures that SCCQ can continue our journey towards equality and better health outcomes for all Queenslanders.

SCCQ and Goondir

Pictured (left to right):
Josephine Stevens (Director, SCCQ Board)
Kaye Coates (Head of Rural and Remote Communities, SCCQ)
Francis Price (Chairman, SCCQ Board)
Stephen Wockner (Director, SCCQ Board)
Floyd Leedie (CEO, Goondir)
Jason Eldering (CEO, SCCQ)