Gurjot a rising star at SCCQ

7 March 2023

It has been an inspiring career and life journey for Gurjot Dhillon, our newly appointed Residential Manager at Southern Cross Care’s Stretton Gardens Aged Care home.

Gurjot’s story is a humble one. She immigrated to Australia in 2011 at the age of 24, from a small country town in India, having worked as a Registered Nurse back home in a public hospital. Her dream of better opportunities led her here to Queensland, Australia, securing her first job with SCCQ Stretton Gardens, as a Personal Carer.

“I still remember it was a Monday evening, I dropped in my resume as a Personal Carer and really hoped I would be considered for a job, and I was so happy when Southern Cross Care called.” Says Gurjot.

After successfully completing her nursing bridging program in Australia in 2011, and then her Masters a few years later, Gurjot then became a Registered Nurse at Stretton Gardens, where she flourished. With her years of nursing experience combined with her natural way with residents, Gurjot was then appointed as Clinical Manager in 2020.

Gurjot’s passion for working in aged care, and her love for her residents is genuine and evident any time you speak to her about her job. It’s not just a job for Gurjot, –

“What I love most about my job is that most of my lovely residents have worked so hard in their life and this is the time they can sit back to relax. I want their care to be a high standard as this is a time they can now enjoy. I also want to make them feel that they are loved and we appreciate them.” Says Gurjot.

Gurjot also talks fondly of her own family – her supportive husband, young daughter and her proud parents who have since also moved over from India. Her early fond memories of looking after her grandmother combined with her natural family orientation has given Gurjot a passion for working in aged care and caring for people.

Gurjot proudly talks about how she has never felt the need to go to another organisation, “SCCQ has everything I want – the standards, the passion, and values. I feel blessed that I am working here because not all organisations are the same. That’s the reason I’ve been here for 12 years. I plan to stay here for years to come.” She says.

Gurjot’s dedication and commitment to her residents, as well as her openness to learn and go the extra mile in her career at SCCQ, made her the perfect choice for the role of Residential Manager at Stretton Gardens, having been appointed to the role in February this year.

“Representing Stretton Gardens is important to me as the new Residential Manager”. Says Gurjot. “I will continue making sure my work remains strong so we can keep delivering a high quality of care. It’s all about keeping the residents and staff happy.”

Gurjot’s commitment and passion was also recognised in SCCQ’s Employee Excellence Awards in 2022, where she received Southern Cross Care’s Leadership Excellence Award for her demonstration of our organisation’s values and service to her team members and the residents she serves.

We are thrilled to welcome Gurjot Dhillon to the role of Residential Manager at Stretton Gardens Aged Care.


Gurjot (centre) with her Stretton Gardens team.

Gurjot with her family.

Gurjot accepting her Leadership Award from Francis Price, SCCQ Chair.