Life changing support for Lee

25 January 2024

2023 was a life changing year for Lee Groves, thanks to the financial support of his SCCQ Home Care package, but even more so because of the friendship and invaluable support he receives from Odette Brown, his SCCQ Support Worker.

Since May 2023, Odette has been offering support to Lee every Thursday. She visits his home in Caboolture, and while Lee gets ready for a day out with Odette, she takes the time to check that he has food in his fridge, has been taking his medications, and helps Lee clean his house, all before taking him shopping or to his appointments.

“When I take Lee to his regular doctor’s appointments, we now have a little tradition where we stop at the nearby pie shop and enjoy a scallop pie together”, says Odette.

“Lee also loves the club, so I’ll often take him there where we might sometimes have lunch together, and Lee will often have a play on the pokies too”.

Although Lee is loving life now, it wasn’t always the case. A few years ago, he was living in an unhealthy and unclean environment in a caravan park with no support from anyone.

Lee also suffers from a brain injury which often affects his memory. Living on his own means that there are certain routines and automatic prompts he regularly requires.

“To help Lee with his daily reminders, we’ve set him up with a special watch that he wears to prompt him when to take his medications, upcoming appointments, and to remind him when I’m scheduled to arrive each week”, says Odette.

Through his home care package, Lee’s SCCQ Client Facilitator, Jen McGuinness, has also arranged much needed medical and assisted living equipment such as a special recliner chair, a new bed, access to meals, and new shoes from the podiatrist”.

When asked what Odette enjoys most about her time with Lee, she simply says, “We have lots of laughs and we enjoy each other’s company. I’ve seen Lee come so far and grow this past year and I’m really glad I got to have Lee as a client”.

It’s clear that Lee also looks forward to his weekly visits from Odette, “I have a ball with Odette and I like that she takes me to the club. Before I was with SCCQ, I lived in a caravan park and not treated very well. Now that I’m with SCCQ, life is beautiful”, says Lee.

To find out more about SCCQ’s Home Care Services, call 1300 306 442