Residents receive new bus thanks to community funds

30 January 2023

Thanks to generous community funds, Southern Cross Care Queensland’s Illoura Village home has received a much needed bus for their aged care residents.

Lance Payne, Western Downs Residential Support Manager at Southern Cross Queensland, has been blown away by the support with over $130,000 raised in just over a year with the help of the local Chinchilla community.

“I put out a call to the local community just over a year ago to help fundraise for a new bus for the residents, and soon after the Friends of llloura Village committee was formed.

“It has been absolutely amazing that this group of volunteers has helped raise so much money in only 13 months. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped raise funds, especially Lois Fields, the chairperson of the Friends of Illoura Village committee and driving force behind securing the funds so quickly”, said Lance.

A major boost to the bus fund came from the Blue Grass Community Fund grant from X-ELIO, a global leader in development of sustainable and renewable energy, and owner of the Blue Grass Solar Farm in Chinchilla – an Australian project committed to greenhouse gas reduction and the fight against climate change.

Thanks to the addition of this substantial grant, the residents of Illoura Village will now have regular use of the Toyota Coaster bus to visit nearby locations and participate in community activities such as the award-winning Botanical Gardens, the Chinchilla Watermelon Festival and other local events.

Friends of Illoura Village presenting new bus to SCCQ

Daphne Taylor, founding Illoura Village committee member cutting the ribbon to mark the occasion

SCCQ’s Lance Payne (front left) with Friends of Illoura Village Committee members

Photo credits: Gerkies Photography