Upskilling our staff with first aid training

12 January 2024

Our staff across SCCQ were recently given the opportunity to upskill in nationally accredited First Aid Training, providing them with the confidence to apply emergency lifesaving care to residents, staff, or visitors if the need ever arises.

The comprehensive training program covers over 60 subjects including, Resuscitation with and without defibrillation, Bleeding management, Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Soft Tissue Injuries, Fracture Management, Choking Management, Envenomation/Snake Bite care, and Remote and Isolated extended care considerations.

SCCQ’s Learning & Organisation Development Manager, Somi Khani, is passionate about having the course delivered to as many staff members as possible across the organisation.

“We of course already have our qualified nurses and care staff trained in first aid, but offering this type of professional development to all of our workforce across all of our services not only gives staff valuable skills in first aid, but also gives our residents and customers peace of mind”, said Somi.

Although it is not required for all aged care workers to be trained in First Aid, it is something that everyone can benefit from, both at work and in their personal lives, and a way for SCCQ to show their appreciation to staff for their service.

100 staff members have already enrolled in the training program across various SCCQ sites, with many more training sessions planned and offered to all staff at each of our aged care homes, retirement villages, and
home care offices during 2024.