Why work in Aged Care?

22 July 2021

We all have cherished grandparents and even great-grandparents – so taking care of the ones we love as they become older and more vulnerable is up to us all and one of the most important and rewarding jobs on offer. 

A career in Aged Care gives you the personal satisfaction of knowing you are doing a job that genuinely makes a difference to the community – and opens up a surprisingly wide range of career opportunities.

Our sector employees more than 365,000 people around the country all working together to provide care and support for more than 1.3 million older people.

Our people work as nurses, allied health professionals, personal care assistants, drivers and volunteers, or in cleaning and laundry, catering, maintenance, leisure and lifestyle, administration, management and more – all serving our most vulnerable with courage and compassion.

With our ageing population on the rise, opportunities in aged care are on the rise too – with a healthy number of job vacancies available. 

At Southern Cross Care Queensland (SCCQ), we employ a team of 1,000 dedicated aged care professionals  – some working directly with our elderly, others contributing behind the scenes – but all share a vision to grow communities where best lives are lived.

Here are some the things our people tell us that they love about working in Aged Care… 

The laughs and entertainment – You get involved in all the activities, festivities and soon become part of the family. Interested in arts and crafts, games and outdoor activities? Life as an Aged Carer is fun and entertaining. 

You’ll be surrounded by smiles – Whether you’re cooking a delicious meal for the residents, taking the elderly out shopping, getting their hair cut, or just simply enjoying the sunshine out in the garden, aged care is full of smiles!

It’s challenging but the rewards are huge – There can be a lot of miracles in our aged care homes, whether it’s a resident living with dementia remembering a loved one who has come to visit or a stroke patient learning to talk again.

You learn something new every day – Residents are full of interesting stories and facts about themselves or a time they lived through. Sometimes it is a tale of romance, sometimes war, but they are stories that can transport you to another time.

Your career can take you anywhere in Queensland  – Feeling adventurous? SCCQ has 11 aged care locations around South East Queensland opening up a world of opportunity.

For further details, visit our job vacancies page today!