Creating connections in home care

12 July 2023

Julie Marks is living the values of service and compassion as a Home Care Support Worker (HCSW) at Southern Cross Care QLD (SCCQ), delivering care and creating connections with clients like Helen Allen.

Every second Friday, Julie will travel to Helen’s place to provide her with valuable social support. It’s an opportunity for Helen to go out in to her community with the assistance she needs.

Helen enjoys spending time with Julie where together they visit Helen’s favourite shops and local marketplace near her Slacks Creek home in Brisbane. Helen likes to take the time to say hello and have a chat to the locals while doing her shopping and stopping for a cup of tea, before Julie takes her home to unpack her groceries.

Helen really looks forward to Julie’s visit each fortnight, where she can go out with the support and company of a trusted support worker and friend.

“I like going on outings with Julie because we have lots of fun and we have lots of laughs. I feel comfortable talking with Julie about anything and we’ve had many conversations about life,” said Helen.

“I love getting out of my unit and having a coffee at Gloria Jeans where I also know the staff and say hello.”

While Helen’s husband was in hospital and permanent care, Julie also went the extra mile and made herself available to take Helen for regular visits to see him, and was a constant support to Helen when he sadly passed away recently. Helen says she felt comfortable having someone she trusted with her during that time.

Julie also values the time she gets to spend with Helen,

“She doesn’t make visiting her feel like work, she makes me feel special that she likes spending time with me. I enjoy the Social Support more so knowing I am making a difference to Helen,” said Julie

Julie has been a Home Care Support Worker (HCSW) for 15 years, inspired by a passion for serving others,

“I became a HCSW because I wanted to be employed in a role in which the work was valuable to people in need. I believe I was put on this earth to make a positive difference to others so being a support worker allows for that to happen,” said Julie.

“I also understand through my role as a carer for my father how important the HCSW role and support is to families. I appreciated all the workers who assisted my dad and allowed me to spend quality time with him.”

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Julie Marks (SCCQ Home Care Support Worker) with Helen Allen (SCCQ Home Care client).