Embracing reconciliation: SCCQ’s Reflect RAP receives endorsement

30 April 2024

Last year we commenced the important journey of developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in consultation with Reconciliation
Australia, who have now endorsed our first Reflect RAP.

The development and endorsement of our RAP is an important step for SCCQ, formalising our commitment to reconciliation and enabling us to take meaningful action towards the healing of the past, raising awareness of current inequalities, reducing racism as well as promoting equity and unity for all Australians.

Our Chair, Francis Price sees this as an opportunity to listen and learn from our First Nations people. “I humbly support the opportunity to start progressing on a pathway to learn from and engage with Australia’s First Nations people in the environments where we operate”, said Francis.

A working group of eight SCCQ team members helped guide the project, ultimately receiving Reconciliation Australia’s endorsement for our RAP in January. We’d like to thank John Manouk, Jasmine Siggs, Scott Norton, Casey Bron, Antonio Peluso, Jenny Muller, Sharon Bateman, and Sandra Glaister for their valuable contribution to the development and endorsement of SCCQ’s RAP.

SCCQ now joins a network of more than 2,500 corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations that have committed to advancing reconciliation through the development of a RAP.

The next part of our journey is working towards meeting the deliverables set out in our RAP. A new working group will come together to help with this important work, which includes developing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, and scoping where SCCQ can influence and support the national movement towards reconciliation.

“Our goal is to work across all of the communities in which we serve towards reducing the gap of inequality experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This plan marks the commencement of a journey we are wholeheartedly committed to”, said our CEO, Jason Eldering.

To find out more about our commitment to reconciliation and to view our RAP, visit