Macleay Island locals enjoy retirement at Edens Landing

28 April 2024

Only 30 minutes south of Brisbane CBD, nestled amongst serene green landscapes and vibrant community life is SCCQ’s Edens Landing Retirement Estate. It is proving to be a popular choice for a particular group of retirees to spend their golden years, all having moved from the same island community only a hop, skip and a jump away.

Over the last two years, June and Arch Lauder, Rosslyn Ryan, Enid Grant, and Eddie Woolard, all independently made the permanent move from Macleay Island (in Southern Moreton Bay) over to Edens Landing Retirement Village.
Firstly, it was June and Arch who were to call Edens home, after they initially had their mind set on retiring in Warwick, but had a change of heart when they decided to drop in to Edens for a quick look, and the rest is history.

“It was the first and only Retirement Village we looked at, and that’s all it took for us to make the decision to move in”, said June.
June spread the word to the other Macleay Island locals about the benefits Edens Landing Estate had to offer as a retirement option. After a few social visits, Rosslyn, Enid and Eddie all purchased their own units and moved in not long after.

Eddie was impressed with the facilities at Edens Landing, “When I first went to visit June and Arch at the Village, I noticed how nice it was here. The shops were nearby and the bus stop was right there too. I thought, this is heaven!’. It’s always nice knowing who your neighbours will be, but it was the actual village that sold me”, said Eddie.

Enid also hasn’t looked back and loves the Village life at Edens Landing, “It’s nice and quiet here and a really nice village. I like the people here and it feels like family. It feels like coming home.”

For Rosslyn, the move was a big decision, as she had lived and worked on Macleay Island for over ten years and knew she’d be leaving a lot behind, “When I came along to the Open Day at Edens Landing, I had looked at ten other villages already, but here I saw how happy the residents were and I met some who had been living here for over 20 years so that’s saying something about the place. I also really liked the location and the size of the village as it wasn’t too big. It’s just a really lovely community at Edens Landing”, said Rosslyn.

L to R: Rosslyn Ryan, Enid Grant (seated), June Lauder, Eddie Woolard, and Arch Lauder