Salary packaging can give you a ‘pay rise’ in Aged Care

27 July 2021

Not only can a career in Aged Care open up surprising range of career opportunities, there can be a financial advantage in working for a not-for-profit organisation like Southern Cross Care Queensland.

Salary packaging allows our employees – whether they are full-time, part-time or casual – to use some of their salary to pay for everyday expenses before tax is calculated on earnings, meaning you pay less tax and have more money to spend.

You can salary sacrifice up to $15,900 per Fringe Benefits Tax* year which runs from 1 April to 31 March. This equates to salary packaging up to $611.54 per fortnight – a great way to make your pre-tax dollars go further.

You can use salary packaging to pay for a wide range of your living expenses with pre-tax dollars, ranging from your mortgage or rent, groceries and other bills.

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*Due to the Government’s existing tax-free threshold, salary packaging does not apply if you earn less than $18,200 per annum.  However, if your salary is more than the threshold amount and you pay tax, you should be able to benefit from choosing a salary packaging option.