Buffet meals offer new dining experience

5 October 2023

Everyone loves a buffet, and our aged care home residents are loving it too. Our dedicated hospitality team have rolled out a regular buffet lunch across our homes, a new dining experience which offers residents variety, choice and flexibility and is being enjoyed by all.

After first trialling the buffet at a few of our aged care homes and receiving very encouraging feedback from the residents and staff, we’ve now incorporated a regular buffet style meal at most of our homes.

In the future, SCCQ Head of Hospitality, Chris Willis, is excited to work across all of our aged care homes to make the buffet a regular, streamlined and appetising experience for all residents after seeing the benefits first hand.

“There have been residents who have chosen small and large meals, residents who have had crumbed fish with a side of lasagne, and also residents who just want finger food, and as they get to choose the amount of food on their own plate, there is less wastage too.

“We’ve also had residents who are enjoying this experience so much their appetite is increasing and it is rewarding to see this buffet meal option have such a positive outcome”, said Chris.

“The buffet also allows residents to come to the dining room in their own time and in a more leisurely manner, either by themselves or with a carer’s support”.

As always, Chris and his team will continue to monitor the benefits and look to make further improvements to the menu, but it has certainly been a great innovation and initiative and a big hit with the residents too.