CareApp helping us stay connected

26 April 2024

Last October, SCCQ rolled out a new engagement app across our aged care homes, in partnership with Australian based firm, CareApp. Six months on, Meredith Hall, SCCQ’s Chief Customer Officer who led this project, has been thrilled to see how well this initiative has been embraced by our residents, families, friends and our teams.

CareApp allows for the sharing of the wonderful moments that happen inside our homes every day, providing a reassuring window into daily life inside our communities.

Through the sharing of photos, videos, notices, and updates, along with comments and hearts, we have seen the engagement level continue to rise weekly and there has now been over 110,000 content engagements since the rollout.

One of the really lovely things about CareApp is that it does not matter where in the world our resident’s loved ones might be located, it is now much easier for all to stay connected. Even for those living closer, life is busy and often family and friends cannot visit as much as they would like, so this app has really assisted in keeping people more connected.

“The results in the recently completed Customer Surveys confirmed for us that 97% of all using CareApp are loving it. We also heard how much this app has assisted in bridging the communication gap and the results also showed families and friends do now have a better understanding of what our hard-working lifestyle teams do”, said Meredith.

“There are still many that are yet to experience CareApp and if you are one of those people I would urge you to contact your Lifestyle team who will assist you in being able to participate.”

Dean-na Bourke, Lifestyle Team Leader at Duhig Village says her team are seeing the benefits of CareApp on a daily basis, “Our Lifestyle team have welcomed CareApp as a new way to reach more members within a resident’s family unit. Everyone in the family from children to grand children can have the opportunity to see what a day looks like in the life of their loved one. A day playing golf, or a swim in the pool, bingo, Men’s Club, whatever they might be up to, we can help give them that connection through photos and comments in the app”.

SCCQ Lifestyle teams are also discovering that families and friends now have more to chat about thanks to the content shared with them across CareApp. It’s prompting conversations when residents are talking with their loved ones over the phone or at the next family visit. Just one of the many ways that CareApp is helping to connect more loved ones.