Chairperson’s lunch builds collaboration

3 March 2020

In late February, Southern Cross Care Queensland’s (SCCQ) Stretton Gardens Retirement Estate hosted a lunch attended by our retirement living managers and the chairpersons from each village’s Residents Committee. Also in attendance were the Chief Executive Officer, Jason Eldering; Chief of Property and Asset Services, Scott Bird; Chief of Mission and Identity, Michael Hart; Head of Retirement Living, Dan Dreger and a representative Vice-President Mike Fairbairn from the industry body the Association of Residents of Queensland Retirement Villages (ARQRV).

Amid a beautifully set table and delicious food, the lunch served the important purpose of building better stakeholder relationships with our Residents Committees and connecting our internal village representatives to the organisation more broadly.

CEO Jason Eldering kicks off discussions

It gave SCCQ an opportunity to discuss the many positive and unique elements of each village and to understand how the chairpersons and their residents view their respective villages. SCCQ was also able to reiterate our commitment to serving our retirement communities and working together in partnership to continually improve. The challenges and opportunities facing village life and how SCCQ might work with our residents were also discussed as the industry faces unprecedented change.

Feedback from the lunch was very positive, and the Chairpersons who attended are keen to continue the discussions at future meetings.

“Listening to the ideas and concerns of our residents is fundamental to a healthy relationship between Southern Cross Care and our retirement villages,” Head of Retirement Living Dan Dreger said. “This was a fantastic initiative to connect the CEO and Executive Leadership Team with our resident representatives and the industry. These discussions will ensure we build confidence and trust as we continue to improve the operational and organisational management of our villages in line with our mission and values.”