Customer Insights Program wins national award

27 September 2023

At SCCQ, ‘Deep listening’ means to listen openly, without judgement and to truly hear what people are saying. It is at the root of our Customer Insights Program where we strive to deeply listen to the feedback from the people we serve, to help us gain a deeper understanding of their experience with us. SCCQ’s Chief Customer Officer, Meredith Hall, has been the driving force behind the Customer Insights Program.

It has played an integral role in our development of person-centred services and to a positive ageing experience for those who entrust us with their care.

Recently Meredith received the ‘Leadership in Positive Ageing Award’ from Catholic Health Australia. The award celebrates an initiative which has consistently demonstrated how by listening first we can improve and enhance the lives of the people we serve. It recognises the importance of compassion, and how it can impact a person’s quality of life in the most wonderful ways.

In her acceptance speech, Meredith spoke about how her team has held 9000 thousand conversations with SCCQ customers, clients and families over the last three to four years, all in an effort to listen first, continuously improve service and make a direct positive impact.

“This program has changed SCCQ and made us more loving, transparent and accountable. We have an amazing team that listen with empathy and without judgement and I feel blessed to work with them”, said Meredith.

The success of SCCQ’s Customer Insights Program has also seen it be replicated in other parts of the country, including at Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) and Southern Cross Care Broken Hill, with SCCQ assisting these organisations to understand their customer journey.

We thank Meredith and her whole team for their important contribution, and we congratulate them on this very deserving award!

L to R: SCCQ Head of Mission & Pastoral Services, John Manouk; SCCQ Chief Governance, Risk and Research, Sandra Glaister; SCCQ Chief of People & Mission, Michael Hart; SCCQ Chief Customer Officer, Meredith Hall; SCCQ Board Chair, Francis Price; SCCQ Board Director, Sr Sally Fuller.