Tips for a warm and healthy winter

15 June 2021

With 90 percent of older Australians wanting to remain in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible, it’s important to make sure your house is safe, healthy and a practical living environment during the cold season.

We’ve put together five top tips of some of the things you might like to consider and how we can help you get winter-ready.


Your safety must be the priority and we encourage all older people to get appliances and smoke alarms checked annually by a qualified electrician.

Coming into winter is a good time to have your home inspected by an expert as the cold weather usually increases the use of electrical items such as blankets and heaters.

At SCCQ we can help with all your home maintenance needs as part of our home care services.


Whether you are still able to cook, or need to enlist the help of a friend, family member or carer, you can pack a number of seasonal ingredients in to your favourite soups, casseroles, breakfast bowls and even desserts.

We can help with meal preparation so you have healthy meals on hand ready to heat and eat whenever you need.


The cold weather certainly makes it tough to get outdoors and into the fresh air, but keeping up a regular exercise routine will boost your immune system and keep your spirits high. Exercise is known to help lower blood pressure, keep your body fit, and get the endorphins flowing.

There are lots of ways you can include activity in your daily routine. We can help you achieve your exercise goals, whether you need help to get to a class or in your own home, no matter your fitness level.


Whether you’re a sprightly 65-year-old or not, everyday interactions in public spaces where the windows are most often kept closed can become a fast breeding ground for all sorts of germs. While we can’t keep 100% of all germs away, we can do our best to help our bodies fight any nasties that we come in contact with.

It might be a good idea to book a check-up and talk to your GP about which vaccines, such as the flu shot, or pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine are available for you.

Both good hygiene practices and an extra vitamin boost can help keep bouts of cold or flu away.

At SCCQ we can help organise, accompany and transport you to any medical appointments.


Check your wardrobe and make a list of anything you need to keep comfortable and warm this winter – be it woollies, slippers, jumpers, robes, boots or stockings.

We can provide accompanied shopping support or transport as part of our home care packages.


SCCQ has been supporting older Australians for over 40 years and we have home care support and services designed to keep you safe and warm in your own home.

Contact us to learn more, or if you’re an existing customer, call us to find out about updating your services.